White Hexi Pot - 3.75"
White Hexi Pot - 3.75"

White Hexi Pot - 3.75"

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We thought we'd take things in a different direction and the name says it all! Hexi are a fun new shape. Perfect put together in a nice little grouping, they fit nestled into each other to create as dramatic or subtle an effect as you desire!

Pure white in our newest clay finish give these pots that modern yet traditional look, great for anyone who wants it all! Each pot will fit that little plant you're looking to house perfectly and with a drainage hole and saucer to make sure they stay healthy too!

The measurements on this pot are interesting in that the hex shape provides additional soil volume for the dimensions of the pot.. the small hexi will comfortably fit most 4" nursery pots assuming the roots aren't exploding out of the bottom. Theyre also great for a 4" cactus or succulent as they tend to have smaller root systems and require less soil space. 

The Small Hexi Pot is 3.75" in diameter and 3" tall.