White Bird of Paradise 10"
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White Bird of Paradise 10"

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10" Nursery Pot

Plant Care


  • Choose a spot where the plant will get at least 4 hours of southern, western or eastern exposure
  • Can tolerate medium light conditions but will not thrive long-term
  • Bright light placement recommended 


  • Enjoy moist, but not soggy, soil
  • Allow to dry out slightly between waterings
  • Try to not let the soil dry out completely but don't overwater
  • Top 2"-3" of soil should become dry between waterings but rest of soil should be moist


  • Prefer to be slightly pot bound, so pick a pot the same size as the nursery pot
  • Do well in self-watering containers
  • Repot if needed during spring and summer every 28 months in a pot that is only 2"-4" larger
  • If you prefer to maintain the current size of your plant, repot it into the same vessel, providing new soil and trimming away some roots and foliage