Straightening Brush
Straightening Brush
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Straightening Brush

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The only straightening brush that can smooth right to the root, better and faster than a flat iron! Simply brush through your hair to make it straight, smooth and frizz-free. The hair straightening brush evenly distributes heat without damaging your hair in the process leaving your hair with more natural volume compared to when using a flat iron. How to use:

  • Ensure hair is completely clean, dry, brushed through and prepped with desired thermal protecting products before use.
  • Plug straightening brush into an outlet. The red LED screen will light up and display “OFF”. There is one button for all settings, very simple.
  • The power button cycles through the following options: OFF > 350°F  390°F  450°F
  • Hold down the power button for 1-2 seconds to turn the brush on. This will automatically select the first temperature setting (350°F). Choose the appropriate temperature setting by pressing the power button until the desired temperature is shown on the LED screen. Adjust the temperature settings based on hair thickness and/or type. The Allure Straightening Brush will auto shut off after one hour without use.
  • Dual voltage 100/24oV