Saguaro Propagation Vessel - Hemleva
Saguaro Propagation Vessel - Hemleva
Saguaro Propagation Vessel - Hemleva

Saguaro Propagation Vessel - Hemleva

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"Saguaro" is the ribbed textured version of the vessel with a style inspired by the saguaro cactus. 


When designing these propagation stands, I wanted to have the tubes be big enough to take several cuttings, or Snake Plants (Dracaena, formerly Sansevieria) without the leaves being crammed in. And the opening had to big enough so that if they rooted well you didn't have to smash the glass to remove the plant.

My goal was to create something beautiful, minimal and pretty that could slip in to any office or home. I wanted it to be clean and an elevated alternative to jam jars.

It also had to be easy to clean, perfect for a housewarming gift, and easy to refill.

Each propagation stand includes:

  • Food safe borosillicate glass (Pyrex™) tubes

  • Each stand holds ~165ml, approximately 5.5 fl. oz

  • A list of plants that would propagate well in these stands