Christmas Cactus 4"
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Christmas Cactus 4"

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4" Nursery Pot

Pet Safe

Plant Care


  • Prefer indirect light or partial shade
  • Can handle direct sunlight in the winter months, too much sunlight in the spring and summer months will cause the plant to become pale and yellow
  • Prefers high humidity
  • Water Christmas cacti thoroughly once the soil has completely dried out since its last watering
  • You will know if the soil is too dry when the leaves start to pucker and shrivel. Allow excess water to run out through the drainage holes.
  • If plant is located in a sunny window during the winter, it might need water once a week
  • If plant in a cooler location away from a window during the winter season, it might only need water once every two to three weeks


  • Choose one with drainage and similar to the size of the nursery pot