Alien Sun Catcher - Mustard Tiger
Alien Sun Catcher - Mustard Tiger
Mustard Tiger

Alien Sun Catcher - Mustard Tiger

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** These suncatchers are sold as a set of 10 individual stickers you can place at whatever spacing you like. These stickers have no images printed on them, they are just suncatcher material cut into the phase of the moon shapes.  This is the ideal set  for anyone who wants the effect of a sun catcher with minimal visual impact on their windows.  The blacked out image in this listing is just to give a clearer idea of the shapes of the stickers. 

 The coloured images in the listing are only to display the shapes of the stickers. They are translucent.


These window clings cast the most magical rainbows across your home when hit with sunlight!
Not only do they make your home look a little more fun, they also will help prevent feathery friends from flying into your windows.

They are extremely easy to remove and reapply. All you need is a little mist of water.

4"x4" (x10 stickers)